Life Beyond Death

The purpose of death
The nature of life after death
How we can prepare for death
How we can assist the dying

Instructions for the Departed

It's recommended that these instructions be read aloud to the departed, by a close relative or friend, several times during the transition period and twice a day for a couple of days thereafter. This is particularly important in cases of sudden death where the departed may be confused or disoriented. Speak to them just as you did before they died, using familiar names and expressions.

If the body has been moved to a mortuary, close friends and family are usually allowed private time with the body after it has been prepared for cremation or burial. But if this is not possible, you may read these instructions aloud in the room where they took their last breath, or even in their bedroom at home. If you have a close bond with the departed, you can be assured that they will hear you for several days after the body has died.

___________________ (person's familiar name), listen to my voice. I am here with you and will now explain what is happening. Your body has ceased to function. What is called "death" has finally come. It comes to every body, at the right time. But listen! You can hear my words, so you can't be dead. Isn't that right? In this experience is the miracle of miracles, that there is no death. The worst thing that can possibly happen to you, has now happened, and you're alright. Nothing can hurt you now. You are invincible! Rejoice in the victory of this moment.

The time has come for you to forget about Earth life and the ___________ (first and last name of the departed) experience. You have finished all your business here. I (we) will take care of everything that needs to be done here. If you will trust me now, it's time to let go and move on.

Over the next few days, the Earth scene will fade, move to one side or recede. Don't be afraid. You will be guided every step of the way. If you sense a presence, or a light, this is the primordial nature of your soul. It may appear luminous and transparent like a cloudless sky. Or shining and brilliant like the sun. Or soft and opaque like moonlight through a cloud. Or it may feel like a warm and loving presence in your heart. This is your soul nature. Thoughts and feelings may come and go. But this presence has been with you always. Feel how familiar it is. Allow your attention to rest there. Embrace it. Merge with it.

Or, you may feel the presence of __________. (God, Allah, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Krishna, according to religion or spiritual practice.) Follow Him (Her). He (She) will lead you. If you feel distracted by strong images, noises or feelings, don't be afraid. These hallucinations arise naturally in the mind and cannot harm you. They are simply impressions you gathered during life that are now arising to be released. You can let them be. If you feel the need for help, just remember the holy name of _______. (Repeat the name of the departed's favorite Deity slowly, several times.) Repeat His (Her) name whenever you remember to do so. (Again, repeat the name of the favorite Deity slowly, several times.) His (Her) holy name will protect and lead you.

At other times, you may feel yourself passing through a dark tunnel or valley. The darkness may seem overwhelming, oppressive, unending. You are passing through the stages of death, just as countless others have done before you, and just as you yourself have done many times before. Remember that you are being held firmly by the Divine and cannot be lost. Try to remain awake and alert during this process. There is profound truth in it. You are going home.

In time, the darkness will open up into a new and wondrous life, beyond the Earth plane. And you will extract the golden essence of the life just lived. This will be a fascinating and deeply satisfying experience. You will see for yourself just how much truth, beauty and love is in every human life.

You've been a wonderful ___________ (mother, father, brother, sister, friend, etc.). You've made a huge difference in my life and the lives of many others here on Earth. I will remain connected with you in my heart and will always send you my love and gratitude.